LHS students host market day to gain business experience


Mrs. Stahlecker’s entrepreneurship class is hosting a market day on December 15th from 7:30 am to 12 pm in the LHS student lounge. Market day is a fun and unique way for Stahlecker’s entrepreneurship students to get real-life business experience by making and then selling products to their fellow students. There are twelve students participating in market day and they’re selling a variety of items. From crystal bracelets to hot cocoa bombs, the LHS market day has it all!

The market day students have been putting in the hours for the past three weeks to get their businesses put together. Stahlecker told us, “I think trying to plan this in three weeks has been very stressful for all of us. So going into next semester we will plan a lot sooner than what we did.” Not only did Stahlecker’s entrepreneurship students have to figure out what items they were going to sell, but they also had to do market research, come up with a business name, logo, marketing plan, and the costs of goods sold. Students participating in Market Day had to find out what kind of products their fellow students would most like to see at market day, and could choose to base their business on the information they received. 

The twelve students that are selling items at market day have a unique and wide variety of items. No matter what you like, you will probably find something that suits your interests at market day. Madyson Brady is selling brownies, Erin Tims is selling iced coffee, Emma Corman is selling chocolate-covered strawberries, Amelia Wright is selling cupcakes, Jacob Parker is selling pizza, April Hart is selling cookies, Jackal is selling crystal bracelets, Cassidy Ary is selling cupcakes, Casey Smith is selling apple cider, Corbin Krob is selling hot chocolate bombs, Alexa Beltz is selling horchata, and Camden Bird is selling cookies. 

Market day isn’t happening just to give LHS students fun snacks and drinks that they don’t normally get. Market day is made to give the entrepreneurship students a taste of what running and owning a business is like. Success comes in many different forms. Whether it be selling out and making lots of money, or selling nothing at all and learning from their loss, LHS market day students will learn something valuable from the market day. When asked what her hopes and expectations for market day were, Stahlecker told us, “Whether they make a profit, break even, or maybe they don’t sell anything, they’ve still learned the importance of market research and knowing their target audience.” Not only will the students who are selling products learn something, but students who will take our entrepreneurship class in the future will also learn things through the experiences of our first-time market day sellers. 

While market day wouldn’t be happening without Stahlecker and her students, the support of LHS students and staff is vital for market day’s success. When asked if she had a message for LHS students and staff, Stahlecker said “Yes! Come out and support your peers on December 15th. We’re going to start at 7:30 and students will go till about noon…Bring your wallets, bring your money because this is a good opportunity to get lots of snacks throughout the day. So come out and see what we’re doing!” Students should mark their calendars and set reminders because market day is not something to miss!