Can you survive Mr. “Scheide?”


Reese Watkins

Mr. Scheideman stares into the souls of his students.

When students are asked who the toughest teacher from Larned High School is, the name brought up most often is Mr. Scheideman’s. Mr. Scheideman teaches English, so if grammar is not your specialty, he just might be your worst enemy. Jokes aside, Mr. Scheideman strives for what is best for his students; he makes himself available to help them whenever they need it. One of the most common phrases Mr. Scheidaman uses is, “If you ask a question, I will answer it.” He wants his students to ask him questions; therefore, he never shies away from answering them. Students that have taken Mr. Scheideman’s English class know the real Mr. Sheide underneath all the horror stories about him; from screeching at students for picking the wrong marker to staying after school till 5:30 to help the students understand the lesson better, he gives his all to his students every day. He cares about the students tremendously. He has such high expectations for his students because he knows they are capable of reaching them, even if his students don’t always believe him. Below are some tips on surviving Mr. Scheideman’s class from the man himself. 

Here are some tips from Mr. Scheideman: 

  1. Do the assigned work.
  2. Ask questions when you don’t understand.
  3. Come in before school, after school, or during seminar if you have questions.
  4. You can always do better than you think you can.
  5. Speak up if you’re having trouble. 

We all have our pet peeves, so here are some of Mr. Scheideman’s:

  1. People with a lack of effort 
  2. When students touch his fan, the thermostat, ect
  3. When students continually mess with him when he’s in a bad mood
  4. Students that have headphones in while he is teaching


 Mr. Scheideman has high expectations, but they are not out of reach. When asked what those expectations are, he answered, “I have two major goals for students, to become better writers and to self advocate.” If a student can not achieve these tasks, the student is likely to fail Mr. Scheideman’s class. Many students wonder why Mr. Scheideman has such high standards for his students. We asked experienced seniors why they think his standards are so high. Ethan Burke thought it was “To get students prepared for college.” Because  Mr. Scheideman has earned two Bachelor’s degrees from Fort Hays State University and a Masters degree from FHSU, he has a greater understanding of what students need for it. In addition to his already impressive resume, Mr. Scheideman is currently working on his Administration Certification through FHSU. One of Mr. Scheideman’s dreams is to use this certification to eventually become a principal. 

Mr. Scheideman might seem like a very tough teacher, but he wants the best for his students. He is always available to help his students become the best that they can be, as long as they have the courage to ask for help. Mr. Scheideman is a great asset to Larned High School, and he will always be appreciated, even if students don’t realize they’re thankful for him till after they go to college. We are very lucky to have him teaching English here at Larned High School.