Larned High School offers new content creation courses


When Mr. Wagner retired, many students were fearful that courses such as “Audio-Visual” would no longer be offered. However, with the hire of Mrs. Munden, that is luckily not the case. Mrs. Munden will teach a newer version of Mr. Wagner’s Audio-Visual class along with two more classes which fall under the content production course category.  This new crop of content creation courses will be available to students next semester. 

These classes–Audio/Video Production l, Intro to Video Editing, and Intro to Audio Podcasting–will be held throughout the school day. In the first class, Intro to Audio/Podcasting, students will be learning about how to put together a podcast and the proper use of their voices. Students will also learn how to interview people. The class will be doing some promotional audio spots that air on Eagle radio as well. The class will hopefully be a fun hands-on class for the students. 

The next class, Intro to Video Editing, will educate students about video editing skills, how to set up cameras, film interviews, school promotional videos, activities, and sports.  When asked what her goals for the classes were Mrs. Munden responded “I want to teach our students how to edit and light subjects. Eventually, I would love to have some interviews and news shows where students interview teachers, other students, and coaches. We will start by learning how to set up a tripod, lights, and cameras.” The last class is Audio/Video Production. This course will be a mixture of the other two. 

Another one of Mrs. Munden’s goals for the content creation program is to create a student-run “talk show.” Mrs. Munden stated, “I would love to have a 495 talk show or coaches show where students will interview their coaches and teachers.” She hopes that these actions will help students improve their public speaking skills. 

Many LHS students such as Alex Garcia are excited about the new context creation course offerings, “A big part of me feels like I really wish I could be a part of that class instead of being in some of the other classes I’m doing right now and in the past. I really like the idea where you can interview the teachers and students. Like a podcast/talk show kind of thing, but yeah. I think that this is a really good idea in my personal opinion.” 

 Isabella Bailey is also very intrigued about these new classes. Isabella stated that “I would probably be interested in taking intro to Audio/Podcasting. Learning editing, public speaking, and audio production skills would be useful. Also, doing a podcast just sounds like a fun and intriguing idea.” 

These classes will teach students all of these skills and more throughout this year and the years to come, and we can’t wait to see what comes of it. If students have any questions about any of these new courses, please contact Mrs. Munden through her school email.