LHS Boys BB Season Opener vs. Pratt

The LHS basketball players get introduced with the student tunnel.
Ty Smith leaps up to snatch the ball so greenbacks don’t score.
Deacon Martin and Cade Colglaizer cuts off the Pratt Greenback.
Talon Reynolds leaps for the shot.
Easton Fitzpatrick takes hold of the ball after he jumps for it.
Carson Shaver gets cut off by a greenback.
Cade Colglaizer snatches the ball away from the other team.
Coach Steinlage gathers the team to talk about game plans during timeout.
Jayden Smith shuffles past a defender.
Cade Colglaizer makes his shot for a basket.
Carter Crosby gets away from Pratt players with the ball.
Ethan Lemuz blocks opposite team from scoring.
LHS students urge on the team players.