Student Spotlight: Caleb McDonald


Caleb McDonald is a multi-talented freshman who lives much of his life in the fast lane. Caleb is involved in many school-related activities. These include basketball, StuCo, cross country, and scholars bowl, and he plays the trombone in the LHS band. He has been involved in StuCo, band, basketball, and cross country since middle school. While out of school, Caleb likes to work on cars and participate in drag races.

Caleb is involved in many activities, and he has plenty of accomplishments in them. He has placed in cross-country meets seven times and he has 4 track championships in drag racing under his belt. He told us that he most enjoys drag racing because he likes “…working on them and you can win races so you get money and trophies and you get to hang out all weekend with your family on the weekends, too.” Even though Caleb goes to drag races and works on cars, he also likes playing games in his spare time. 

Caleb has many good qualities, but he called himself “pretty basic.” When asked to describe himself in five words, Caleb said, “Smart-ish, athletic, kinda quiet, sometimes funny, and skilled.” Daniel Drimmel, Caleb’s cross-country coach told us, 

“Caleb is a leader, self-motivated, humorous, and intelligent. Which quality do I like the most about Caleb? To downsize to one would do an injustice to Caleb’s character. It’s the combination of all these plus others that make him who he is, so I would have to say, all.” 

With all his skill and mechanical talent, Caleb told us his big goal for the year. “Before the end of the year, I’ve been working on my high school truck, I wanna get that built and put back together so I can drive it.“ Working on a vehicle and getting it to function is not something that just anyone can do. Caleb has incredible skill and talent in many areas of his life and we hope to see him do lots of good things in the future!