Larned’s most valuable building in shambles?


Imagine a resource in a community that is used for almost all big events in your town. That is what the community center is for Larned. The issue behind this resource is it needs a lot of repairs at the current moment. If the city lost the Community Center they would lose their most valuable resource. It will take a lot of work to fix up the issues and the worst part is the amount of money it would cost. The city would have to find a way to make the money it would take to fix all of the issues. 


One of the main reasons that we need the Community Center is because of the reemergence of the school play put on by Bethany Stineloge, LHS Athletic secretary at USD 495. She stated “We are planning to put on two plays a year, one in the fall and another in the fall semester.” With that said, the play might bring attraction to the Community Center.


The Auditorium has a major flaw though. The sound equipment is very outdated and needs to be replaced. One student who was a victim of the faulty sound equipment was Clara Shaver, sophomore at LHS. When asked about the situation she stated “Only one mic worked during the play so everyone had to yell their lines so the crowd could hear the play.”


However, according to Mike Seeman, who is the recreation director for Larned, the auditorium isn’t the only area of the community center with flaws. When asked about the problems with the Community Center, he stated, “Some of the issues with the CC are the HVAC unit in the gym.  It’s really old and doesn’t always work right. […]” 


Even though it sounds easy enough sense they know the issues, it’s harder than people may think. The main issue holding back the remodeling is the amount of money it would take to fix everything. With that being said there might be a solution. Clara said when asked about what people could do to raise the money “There is money in the community to be donated because people donate for the water tower lightings.” This shows the Larned community cares about our city so why wouldn’t they donate to the community center if someone set up a fundraiser.


In conclusion, Larned’s community could find a way to fix the community center. It will cost a lot of money and hard work. It won’t be easy to do and they will need the backup of city officials but it is possible. It also should be worth it so we can keep such a staple of Larned operational for many years to come.