Brooke Butler: After High School Brilliance

Brooke Butler: After High School Brilliance

2019 graduate Brooke Butler is one the most inspirational LHS alumni that LHS has seen. The reason why is because of all of her amazing accomplishments since her graduation. Many teachers still talk about her achievements in their classes in high school. Teachers still use Brooke as a role model for the ideal scholar for LHS students. Now, fresh out of college, Brooke has accepted a job at Lawrence Memorial Hospital! This shows through fierce determination and hard work almost anything can be possible for anyone, as long as you set your mind to it. 

Brooke first started her journey at Hutchinson Community College to get her Associate’s degree in science. Once she obtained her science degree she transferred to Kansas State University to get her Bachelor’s degree in Medical Laboratory Science. Now this year in 2023 she has started a Master’s degree in Biomedical Science. While achieving all of those degree’s Brooke joined many clubs, worked many jobs, participated in a few pageants, and became a bookworm! Fun fact Brooke has been crowned the 2022 Miss Grande Kansas! Brooke joined a ping-pong club, while being an ambassador who gave tours around Hutch camps. 

When Brooke transferred to Kansas State University COVID became a very big concern for her and the whole world. Alas, most clubs at K-STATE couldn’t do much, so Brooke decided to dedicate most of her time to her studies and working at Nico’s Little Italy in Manhattan, Ks. Also, another alumnus is running the Italian restaurant right now, Nicolette Unruh. While flourishing in her studies through hard work, perseverance, and determination, Brooke finally got what she’s been working hard for. In December of 2022, Brooke graduated from Kansas State University! Brooke’s favorite memories are two that are tied. Her first favorite memory is traveling to Spain with some of her college friends. The second was finding out that she passed her board exams for her college degree. 

Brooke Butler is an icon to LHS students and the perfect role model for teachers. She is a great example of how any LHS student has a chance to become great while making a positive impact on the world. She showed that through hard work and determination, anything can be accomplished. Brooke is a person who all LHS students look up to as an inspiration. Brooke Butler has left a huge positive impact on LHS. Not only leaving a positive impact, but Brooke has a very kind heart that shows compassion to all. She always helps everyone whenever she can and right when you meet her she will brighten up your day. She truly is an amazing person who has a heart of gold. 

Brooke Butler’s advice to all LHS students is “[…] be confident in yourself and have a positive outlook on life. The best people I know are never competing against others. They are always trying to be better than the person they were the day before. The people who make it the farthest in life are those who are kind, put themselves out there, and dedicate themselves to their beliefs/morals. I know that can sound really corny, but it is what helped me the most.”