Book Club: It’s Not Just About Books

Book Club: It’s Not Just About Books

Wait, LHS has a Book Club? Yes, yes we do! Book Club is one of the lesser-known clubs at LHS that has started this school year 2022. Right now there are only a handful of members in the Book Club. In fact, you can count the number of members with just one hand. With that being said, the main reason is that most students at LHS don’t know that there even is a Book Club. Another reason is because they don’t truly know what Book Club is. 

Our LHS Book Club is a group of people who meet up every two weeks to talk about books. Members may or may not be friends before joining the club, but in the end, they all build friendships, not just fictional ones either. No one is forced to read a book they don’t like. Everyone reads any type of book their own heart desires. You can get and give recommendations to other members about books you or they have read. They can share opinions or explore deeper meanings they found within the book. 

This club is not like school, there’s no mandated homework. Meaning you don’t have to read 24/7 to be in it. This is not a club to force members to read a million books every week. This is a club to bring a bright light to reading and gives another way for students to express themselves. Book clubs can inspire trust in relationships. Discussions of books and stories with others deepen students’ understanding and help keep them able to comprehend how they are thinking and understanding the book before their conversations with others. 

Book Club member Isabella Bailey said this on how our LHS Book Club can improve anyone’s skills and attributes she said, “Reading in general is really beneficial. I’ve actually been doing a project and I’m looking at the benefits of reading and how it improves creativity and vocabulary skills. You can actually kind of understand others better by practicing being in different perspectives in the books. But it’s also really nice to have that sense of community with another group of people who like the same things you do, while understanding others’ thought processes a little better.” 

If you don’t know whether or not to join, this is what Book Club member Maggie Hass has to say to you, “I would say join it because there is no homework or anything, we just read. You just talk about books that you’ve read. I’ve actually read some really good books recommended to me […]. If we had more members we could get more involvement in the student body, so I would encourage everyone to join.” 

In conclusion, Book Club is a new club for LHS students to join and to get more involved with. The purpose is to promote a love for reading literature in a positive, motivational and friendly environment. They want to bring students together to discuss, learn, and read about things that truly matter to them. This club lets you read any type of book that your heart desires. Whether it’s about a galaxy far far away or a little home down in New Orleans. Once you fall in love with that book you’re able to talk to people about it and express how you feel about the book. This club helps you socialize, obtain greater knowledge and vocabulary, express your feelings, and so much more. This club has great potential in the future, but the ones who decide the future of our new club are you, the students of Larned High School. Book Club is definitely not just about books.