The epitome of all vermin is a despicable species of pests. These monstrous beings go by the name of rats. Our driving goal was to produce a method to get rid of all of these creatures. We came up with countless ideas to cause the elimination of the entire species. This was an incredibly difficult task for countless reasons. This is the story of the Rat Poison Revolution.

Rats are surprisingly intelligent. Some of them, anyway. You see, as the need to eliminate rats increased, we had to get much more clever with the methods that we used to exterminate them. We made poisons of different flavors that the rats enjoyed. These flavors included moldy cheese, garbage, road kill, vomit, and rotten grain. Typically, the rats with common sense and self-preservation would avoid eating the poison, despite its appetizing flavor. This was unendingly frustrating and caused us great inconvenience. However, the rats with lower intelligence and little care for life would eat the poison. Quite frequently, the rats that ate the poison became addicted until it eventually killed them. Some of these rats knew that what they were eating was poison, but they ate it anyway. This was what brought us endless joy and made us think that our goal would be accomplished.

We quickly realized that our wonderfully flavored poison created more problems than it solved. The rats began to love the stuff and even created groups circling around it. They would meet in incredibly inconvenient places and nibble away at their newly found food. When innocent passersby would try to go near the locations where the rats were, they would encounter a horde of rats taking turns eating their poison. This is an incredibly disturbing sight and discourages many from going near certain areas.

With the rats causing lots of trouble for innocent people, new laws were being put into place to prevent further issues. One such law was that no one was allowed to go where the rats were frequently seen. This created several problems. The rats met in many areas vital to regular people. With these areas cut off, business as usual could not be carried out. Additionally, many people had stopped going to these areas long ago because of the rats. The new laws further proved how out of control the whole situation had truly become. Other measures were taken to handle the rats. One such measure was to have people monitor the rat hot spots. This was as inefficient as the poison itself. A rat would be caught on occasion, but there was only so much that could be done. How can one tell the difference between an innocent rat and a guilty one? There really is no distinction between the two at first glance. 

Creating the rat poison was undoubtedly a mistake. Ending the entire rat species was our goal, but we have done much more than that. We might have accomplished what we meant to do, but now we have rat addicts that are out of control. As far as we know, the rats may have long-term effects on their environment. Furthermore, our rat poison has poisoned much more than just rats, but the whole world.