Volleyball Victory


Our  Lady Indians Varsity Volleyball team fought hard for their first victory on September 29, 2022. In Larned Middle School, the Indians took on the Hill City Ringnecks, and came out victorious. Throughout the season the Lady Indians have been on a losing streak. They have won a couple matches and they took quite a few teams to a third match, but never could pull through to get the win. They showed tremendous amounts of grit and determination while fighting the Ringnecks. In the end, their determination and hard work paid off and they were rewarded with the win.

With this being the first win of the girls’ season, it was a big confidence booster for them. They continue to work hard every day in practice; they know that working hard for something, then being rewarded for it, is a huge accomplishment. “We never gave up, we kept fighting, and our attitudes were always positive. We earned the win, and it felt amazing and well deserved,” commented junior Emma Thompson.

Starting off in the first set, the Ringnecks pulled out a close win over the Indians, going 21-25. Following the first set, the Lady Indians made a huge comeback. They were losing 2-11, and then they battled hard against the Ringnecks and took the win, 25-22. Due to each team winning a set, they had to go to a third set to break the tie. Both teams were fighting tooth and nail for the win, and they were neck and neck. In the end, our Lady Indians took the win and beat them 25-22.

It took the whole team to pull off the win. Kaylee Hagerman, a sophomore, led the team with seven kills. Mackenzie Reinert, a junior, brought the team five points in just aces. Lastly, senior Elizebeth Herrera led the team with 19 digs for the night. Our Lady Indians proceed to work hard at practice to prepare for each and every match. We look forward to seeing what else the Lady Indians Volleyball team will accomplish this season!