Why should LHS move seminar to the end of the day?


Having seminar at the beginning of the day is a very big problem, and Larned High School (LHS) needs to fix it. Seminar is a study period used to complete homework and ask questions. However, many issues are produced by the early study period. Students feel that they can use these free 20 minutes at the beginning of the day for trivial matters. It can lead to students falling behind because they’re not using seminar to their advantage. 

Having seminar at the beginning of the day also deprives athletes of schooling, and it is a problem that most student-athletes deal with. Mrs. Fitzpatrick stated, “If students are missing two times a week for sports, that’s hard to catch up on. They’re only there for a little less than half of the school day.” Most athletes leave school early on game days. Students have a free 20 minutes per day that they do not have any classes, and instead of student-athletes missing this free period, they miss vital in class time. Moving seminar to the end of the day would allow student athletes to miss this free time instead of missing more class time. Luke Fisher is a wrestling state champion, and he knows the struggle of missing school for sports; he stated, “I feel like putting seminar at the end of the day would be a good idea especially when talking about sports because that is a period you can miss.” 

Students would have the chance to work on that day’s homework after receiving it if their study period was at the end of the day. Therefore, students would not have to take as much homework home with them. Students would also be more awake because they aren’t losing sleep to complete homework. This extra sleep can be very beneficial to the students at Larned High School.

Currently, students are arriving late to school. Late students interrupt classes, and they disrupt other students’ learning. If seminar is moved, it will urge students to get out of bed and go to school because they have important classes right away. Being urged to get to school helps students avoid missing important lectures, which can lead to late assignments and falling behind. This can also help with after school life experiences. For example, getting to work on time, getting work done, and meeting deadlines. 

All in all, seminar should be moved to the end of the day. It will greatly benefit all students at LHS by allowing them to ask questions at school as opposed to having to wait till the next school day to ask it, which in turn allows them to complete their assignments before they become homework. An end of day seminar would also tremendously help student athletes stay caught up on work because they won’t miss as much in class learning time.