Rest Assured(Horror Story)

Rest Assured(Horror Story)

      I was laying in my bed just waking up from the nap I took the day prior. Looking up at the clock, I read the time as six fifty seven. I contemplated getting up and I decided to wait and lay back down because I knew that it was far too early to be getting ready and I would eventually find my way back to my blankets. Right when I started closing my eyes, I heard footsteps thumping down the hallway. I don’t own any pets and live alone currently so my assumption for it being nothing was gone. My heart was racing as I was staring at the door. 

          I got up and made my way down the hallway and to the front room seeing that it was empty. So I made my way back down the hall. When I was reaching for the door handle to my room, I felt something run across the hallway and I frantically opened the door and ran inside and to the other side of the room. After I collect myself enough, I make my way to the door again. Kneeling to the floor, I see if I can notice anything without opening it.

           I saw nothing at first but when I looked back there was an elongated shadow looming over the floor and a slight breathing coming from the other side. I froze. I could do nothing at that moment. I thought about everything that it could be. Did someone break in? Is it an animal?

           I even thought about the things that were very unlikely to happen. I was interrupted from my train of thought due to a sudden slam on the door. I tossed myself to my feet and ran to the night stand. I pulled the drawer out and poured everything that was in it on my bed. I rummaged through everything that was inside of it and grabbed the closest thing to a weapon that I could find. 

            I found a pair of shears and a handful of pencils. I stuffed the pencils into my back pocket and grabbed my phone. I messaged the first person I found asking if they were able to come over. Maybe I was overreacting but the thing looked huge from the perspective of its shadow and I wasn’t risking it. I made my way to the door once again with my shears not too far in front of me. I opened the door and before I could blink I was tackled to the floor and the shears flew out of my hand and were of no use anymore. I got a look at the creature as it was attempting its attack. 

           She had long black matted hair that covered her face and ripped clothing that was covered in dirt. She had water dripping from her hair and the water was gathering on my shirt. She grabbed my shoulders with her cold hands and slowly stabbed her long broken nails into my shoulder. I screamed at the feeling of her nails beginning to pierce my skin. I then woke up hyperventilating and sweating. Scared out of my mind, I checked the clock to see that it is six fifty six.