LHS theatre performs “And Then There Was One-A Spoof”

James Kingsbury (playing as Clayhorn) acts nonchalant as an explosion happens in the background.
The entire crew cast celebrates a successful performance.
Mrs. Steinlage introduces the play before the performance.
The characters meet in the mansion at 7 when the festivities begin.
Xiamara White’s (playing as Margaret LaRue) lifeless body is dragged in from outside by James Kingsbury (Clayhorn).
James Kingsbury (Clayhorn) and Clara Shaver (playing as Mimms) reveal themselves to be alive.
The drama class takes a bow at the end of the play.
Easton Fitzpatrick (playing as Matthew Charisma) and Jacob Colglazier (playing as Horatio Miles) brawl with swords.
The group gathers and prepares to search the house for the culprit.